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beach and sea in Bognor Regis

And the story, "I'm from the country MacD" -part next [5]

Then, however, was a completely different reason for his behavior. Why have an affair with the girls that are only sixteen or seventeen years old, and maybe even be younger. He is already in the forties, and more is forty-five years. It is true that a lifestyle which leads rejuvenates him a little, and still more "youth" in dress, approach to music, and most importantly the way of seeing the world but what he could talk to them? The philosophy, literature, religion, politics? Not that he does not like to talk with young people, because very like. But not know enough English to be able to discuss in the language of philosophy, delight in music and literature, although the curse and curse the politicians could. And the girls were lovely and quite nice. Then he regretted that he did not pick up on these two young girls, quite unthinkingly because no continuation could not have. Well, it is taken as a farmer or a freak-but let us return to the bench where he sat. An elderly woman was not tall, and had a pretty gray hair pinned back, and over eighty years. When passing, threw you in the country of MacDuff - which was something between question and statement, and he instead of her to say something, he began to like it there, frantically searching his memory-rolls to find something to confirm or deny her words. First of course remembered Cupar to which a few years before he moved for a time in the summer to get a feel for the atmosphere of the place where according to legend, the inn had Shakespeare to write his famous work. So sit no further than fifty yards from the castle ruins of the destroyed MacDuff clan-trifle-in the eleventh century. Or at Castle Street, next to the place where the inn was where William Shakespeare allegedly wrote a masterpiece based on the motifs and their families MacDuff mystery shrouded of darkness tragedy *.

South of England, on the other side of France.

Plaża na południu Anglii, po drugiej stronie Francja. Mieszkałem tam w tamtym roku

I'm from the country MacD Part4 -and drawings

My Drawings -next.
And the story.

"I'm from the country MacD"


Oh just so terribly stubborn man who does not want to change with time and its end. Staying with his bizzare tastes, old fashions of the past epochs. That is simply not harmful, the most eccentric of the province, to which it belong to distance, tolerated by the environment.

"Hill Bill" as he called the two young sixteen girls who tried to rouse him at the train station when the train was waiting for late -they journey there such late -trains to Dover and they rode before Saturday, nice afternoon day to Canterbury. Then, however, was a completely diferent reason for his behavior.

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I'm from the country MacD. A my drawings

Continued presentation of my drawings. A the story

I'm from the country MacD"


When they are alone, or or so they think- and there are no foreigners among them, they begin to talk freely with each other. He is often taken as a Briton, who either came from the village and is such growler. Rural boy "Bill Hil", or does not know the current language and speaks only his local slang.

Relucante to use shortcuts exacerbated by its linguistic diversity. Because let's be honest -who said today that language? For example, doing shopping in the supermarket, and and the seller usually originating from Pakistan, India, China, does not understand its. He does not unerstand.

Marketer also do not understand this that if you say something faster and faster it gets slower and longer and unnecessarily uses more words that number and size could by reduced to a minimum, after all, and he thus would have more time for myself and could no longer sit in the back room talking about anything with a colleage from work, drinking water, reading the newspaper, talking on the phone with his entire family, geting bored, getting angry, cursing at low wages, high prices and criticizing the English.

A hole in time -You are from the country MacDuff

Today wanted to show some of my drawings. of course, as the blog owner, I reserve the right change. That means throwing the drawings that I think are dull present, or add some text to serve as background pictures. I had the idea to move between drawings my story "A hole in time"
specifically part of the "You are from the country MacDuff"

You are in the country MacDuff - said to him, an elderly woman, as he sat on the bench, in the center of Sittingbourne.The exacl opposite of cheap electronics store - There, parents sell their children, and children sell their parents.

This openness was surprised it the English who are not supposed to contact and do not like to go into a chat with strangers. There have been times when he sat on the bench, and it was no more than a minute ago, approached him a third person. First, a young girl, then boy at the age of, say, the eye of fourteem to sixteen years. Showing him a lighter fuel and saying something which he did not understend, and now this old gray-haired woman.

The English are a little different than is commonly belived. Just seeing the strangers, behave in way that
alineted so to speak, as if hiding from them to the mouse hole, but when they are alone among their starting to talk to each other and become more alive, like a scoff of immigrants. Experienced this, for example, in Chichester, driving regional bus line from Brighton to Portsmouth.

Dziś chciałem pokazać kilka moich zeskanowanych rysunków. Oczywiście jako właściciel bloga -zastrzegam sobie prawo zmian. To znaczy wyrzucenia rysunków które według mnie nieciekawie się prezentują, lub też dodania jakichś tekstów tak aby rysunki służyły za tło. Właśnie wpadłem na pomysł aby wrzucić między rysunki fragmencik opowiadania "Dziura w czasie" a dokładniej "Jesteś z kraju M.d"